Parkour Race

Welcome to Parkour Race, the heart-pounding 3D running game that will push your skills to their limits! Crafted by Madbox, this freerun adventure puts you in command of a stickman as you vie against the crowd in an electrifying parkour showdown.

Zoom through the cityscape, utilizing your parkour mastery to sprint, dash, and leap from one rooftop to another. It’s a gripping battle to clinch the coveted first position in this adrenaline-fueled contest.

Plan your moves carefully, execute daring jumps, and sprint with lightning agility as you race to be the first across the finish line. Only the most agile and adept runners can conquer the daunting obstacles that await.

Parkour Race elevates your running experience to new heights, delivering a dynamic and immersive journey. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you traverse the urban terrain, showcasing your freerunning prowess.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate parkour escapade and test your running prowess in this exhilarating race. Can you outpace the competition and emerge as the champion of Parkour Race?

Get set for 3D running excitement in Parkour Race! Seize control of your stickman and compete against the crowd in an intense parkour clash. Dash, leap, and soar across rooftops as you strive for supremacy in this gripping freerun adventure by Madbox. It’s time to unleash your parkour skills and leave your rivals trailing behind!