Highway Racer 3D Overview: A Thrilling High-Speed Racing Experience

Buckle up and prepare for adrenaline-pumping action on the digital highways in Highway Racer 3D, a captivating racing game released in February 2018. Developed using HTML5 technology (Unity WebGL), this game offers players an immersive racing experience accessible across various platforms, including desktop and mobile browsers. Let’s dive into the world of Highway Racer 3D and explore its exhilarating gameplay, features, and more.


Highway Racer 3D puts players behind the wheel of powerful vehicles as they race down highways, dodging traffic and taking risks to achieve high speeds and score bonus points. With four thrilling game modes and a range of customizable cars, players can experience heart-pounding action and fierce competition on the digital asphalt.

Key Features

  • Wide Variety of Vehicles: Choose from an impressive selection of car models, including trucks, classic sedans, and modern sports cars. Each vehicle offers unique handling and performance characteristics, allowing players to find their perfect match.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Highway Racer 3D offers four exciting game modes to test players’ skills and reflexes. Whether it’s one-way, two-way, time mode, or bomb mode, each mode presents its own challenges and rewards, ensuring hours of thrilling gameplay.
  • Thrilling Multiplayer Mode: Compete against other players online in the multiplayer game mode, where victory depends on skill, strategy, and nerves of steel. Rise through the ranks, claim bragging rights, and prove yourself as the ultimate highway racer.
  • Vehicle Customization: Customize and upgrade your vehicles with performance enhancements and aesthetic modifications. Fine-tune your car to suit your racing style and dominate the competition with speed and style.



  • Accelerate: W or Up arrow
  • Steer: A/D or Left/Right arrow
  • Handbrake: Space

How to Play

To start your highway racing adventure, choose your preferred car and game mode from the selection offered in Highway Racer 3D. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of one-way racing, the challenge of navigating two-way traffic, the race against time, or the intensity of bomb mode, there’s something for every racing enthusiast.

During gameplay, focus on building up speed, dodging traffic, and taking calculated risks such as near misses and driving on the wrong side of the road to score bonus points. The distance traveled and bonuses earned determine the amount of gold you receive for each run, which can be used to upgrade your current vehicle or unlock new cars for even more thrilling races.


Highway Racer 3D delivers non-stop action, intense competition, and adrenaline-fueled excitement on the digital highways. With its diverse game modes, customizable vehicles, and multiplayer functionality, this game offers endless hours of high-speed thrills for players of all skill levels. So, rev up your engines, hit the accelerator, and race to victory in Highway Racer 3D.